Pro Builders began in 2011, when its founder, George Brown, created a vision: expert construction skills that are uniformly applied to meet the needs of customers everywhere. We believe that the construction industry develops the individual, family, and society—bringing lasting value to all for years to come.

Fair exchange with customers is a primary tenet of Pro Builders. As the company prospers, building quality never suffers.

Pro Builders is a Class A contractor that is licensed, bonded, and insured in the Commonwealth of Virginia. We are continually learning and adapting to the ever-developing building trades in order to bring the highest quality of service to our customers.

Our commitment

We pledge the following to each and every customer:

  • We are a contractor you can trust and rely on.
  • If it’s your project or house, we work on it as if it were our own project or house.
  • When we work on a damaged area, we fix it using the correct procedure. We make the right decisions based on building codes and this helps the inspectors do their job easier.
  • You’ll never have to feel like you can’t bring up something that is on your mind. We take criticism well, we love to hear your ideas, and we love to share our thoughts with you.

Giving back to the community

We appreciate the sacrifices of military members, veterans, and their families. We also value the elderly community, which needs to be supported and cherished. Therefore, as a simple thanks, we offer a 10% discount to seniors, military members, and veterans.